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Jilian Reece

Carter County Drug Prevention (CCDP)
Executive Director
Jilian Reece has a bachelor's degree in communication from ETSU and is a Certified Prevention Specialist II. Before taking on CCDP, she spent many years as a Tobacco Health Educator for the Carter County Health Department. Her favorite part of her job is working with teenagers on her youth coalition because she is confident they are going to make the world a gentler and kinder place as they grow. She also loves teaching about adverse childhood experiences and feels like everyone should know their score and how to build resilience (and their enneagram number too!). She loves to serve her community as the Board Chair of the local library and as a Board Member for one of her favorite organizations, Recovery Resources. Jilian has the best team, a wonderful husband, three precious boys and one amazing little girl who tolerate her shenanigans and love to play, learn and grow in the Carter County community. She works everyday to make that community a better place for them.